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Staring Your Own Landscaping Business? Types Of Insurance You Should Have

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If you love to landscape you would love to own your own landscaping business. If you decide to do this, then you need to make sure you have landscaping insurance. Because you will always be on your client's property when landscaping, you need to make sure your insurance will cover any property damages that you may make on someone's property. Also, the equipment used for landscaping can be dangerous, such as lawnmowers, weed eaters, and many gardening tools. You never know if one of your employees will get injured, as well as anyone else that may be around the equipment. To take care of all of this, below are some different types of insurance you should consider so you can get started building your business.

Commercial General Liability

General liability insurance coverage can protect your business if you are sued. For example, the landowner could trip over a piece of equipment and become injured. If they sue you this would result in expensive legal fees and you could possibly lose your business. If one of your employees causes property damage, such as runs over a fence while mowing, this type of insurance will cover this also. If another company sues you this insurance will cover this also. For example, another company may sue you for false advertisement or may say your landscaping business name is the same as theirs.  

Worker's Compensation

If any of your employees are injured due to malfunctioning equipment or in any other way, they could sue you. They could also get stung by a bee and have a bad reaction, or have problems with wrists due to repetitive motion from using things like a lawnmower. No matter what happens, you need to have worker's compensation insurance to cover you. This insurance will provide your employees with medical treatment, pay them for lost time of work, and pay for disability if your employees are injured and needs time to recuperate.  This insurance will also cover things like settlements and court costs if you are sued.

Depending on what state you live in, you may be required to have worker's compensation insurance if you have any W2 employees.

Auto Insurance

You need a truck to carry your equipment around to job sites. Because you will be using this truck for business, you need to purchase commercial auto insurance. This is because your personal automobile policy will not cover any vehicles that you use for your business. Commercial auto insurance will protect you from legal fees if you are in an automobile accident, as well as cover any medical expenses if you or anyone else is injured in an accident.

Talk with your insurance agent about landscaping insurance and they can go over all this information with you in much more detail. For more information, visit websites like