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3 Things To Know About Multi-Car Insurance

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Auto insurance is a definite necessity when you own a car or if you drive someone else's car often, and you are free to insure just one car or multiple cars on the same policy. When you insure multiple cars on the same policy, you will have a multi-car insurance policy, and here are three important things to know about multi-car insurance policies.

They offer a way to save money

Multi-car insurance policies offer a lot of great benefits for car owners, and one of the top benefits is that they offer a way to save money. If you have two cars, for example, and insure each one through different companies, you will pay more for the two policies combined than you would if you put them on the same policy with the same company. This occurs because insurance companies offer discounts per car when multiple cars are on the same policy. If you like saving money, choosing to have a multi-car auto insurance policy is the way to go if you have multiple cars to insure.

You can choose different coverage types and amounts

Secondly, when you place several cars on the same policy, you are not bound to the same coverage types and amounts on each car. In other words, each car is still separate, and this means that you are free to choose different coverage types and amounts for each vehicle. For example, if you have a brand-new vehicle, you would likely need full coverage insurance for the car, but if you also had an old car that was barely worth any money, you could choose liability-coverage only for that car. This option helps you personalize coverage by vehicle, which will help you save money too.

They simplify things

The other thing to understand is that getting a multi-car policy when you own more than one vehicle offers a way to simplify things. With this type of policy, you will get just one bill for all the cars you have. This means you will have just one payment to make for the cars, and if you ever experience a problem that requires filing a claim, you would know exactly what company to call, because you would only have one company for your coverage.

If you have questions about auto insurance coverage or insuring multiple cars on one policy, you can find the answers you need by contacting an auto insurance agent today.