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Car Insurance Premium Getting You Down? Two Tips To Help You Get A Lower Rate

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Maintaining an active car insurance policy is one of the most important things you could ever do. Driving is a risky activity, and each time you set out on the road, there is a chance you could get into an accident. If you hit another vehicle and are found to be the at-fault party, you have financial protection so you don't have to face a lawsuit on your own. Also, if you happen to hit a curb or guardrail and carry full coverage, you can file a claim and get the damage at least partially taken care of without having to dig too deeply into your own pockets. If your insurance premium seems to be climbing and you're worried you won't be able to afford it, here are a couple of tips that may be able to help you get it down to a manageable level.

Limit Your Usage

One of the quickest ways to reduce your car insurance premium is to simply limit your usage. The reasoning behind this tip is quite easy to see: when you spend less time on the road, you automatically reduce your exposure to risk. Insurance companies recognize this fact and reward drivers who don't operate their vehicles as much by issuing them a lower premium.

You can reduce your usage in a number of different ways. For example, if you happen to reside in a city with a working mass transit system, purchase a pass that will allow you to use the trains or busses when you need to. Begin walking to the transit station and you instantly increase your fitness because you'll be getting more exercise!

Bump Up Those Deductibles

It's also a good idea to increase your deductibles to the highest number you can actually afford. Your insurance company may have given you a standard deductible when you first joined, but if your financial situation has improved, you might be able to pull more out of your account in the event of an emergency. Be sure to keep the amount of your deductible on hand so if you do need to access the funds, they are readily available.

There are lots of ways to get the kind of insurance premium that won't bust your wallet. Talk with your insurance agent to discuss your auto insurance policy and see if they have additional suggestions that can help you shave a few dollars off of your rate.