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3 Tips For Finding The Best Auto Insurance Provider

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Drivers in virtually every state are required to possess an auto insurance policy that meets their state's minimum requirements, so there is no shortage of auto insurance providers competing for your business. While every individual represents a unique set of circumstances, there are a number of things that everyone can do to increase the likelihood of finding the best possible insurance provider for them. If you are currently shopping for auto insurance -- or plan to in the near future -- take a look below at just a few of the tips you should keep in mind.

Don't Forget About Regional Insurers

Large companies that offer policies across the country may very well have the best policy for you, but it can be hugely beneficial to research auto insurance policies at smaller, regional providers. These companies are often able to provide low rates because their focus remains on drivers in just one part of the country. That means they don't spend nearly as much on advertising, and are likely to work harder to keep your business. They may also offer significant discounts for drivers who switch from larger, national insurers. Though regional insurers aren't a perfect fit for everyone, they often surprise potential customers with affordable coverage coupled with exceptional customer service. 

Seek Out Insurers with Niche Policies

Many auto insurance providers will, in effect, penalize drivers based on a number of factors they perceive to be risk-related. Some of these penalties -- such as higher rates for drivers with bad credit -- are not permitted in some states, but if your state does allow insurers to take these into account, then you will want to seek out auto insurance providers who cater to drivers like you. Drivers who are in their teens or early twenties and those who have a history of accidents are just two groups who will want to prioritize unique policies.

Focus on Insurers Who Reward Good Drivers

If you are not a member of the above groups, then you will want to direct your focus toward auto insurance providers who reward good drivers. Look for providers who are willing to give you discounts for not being involved in any accidents or violating any traffic rules. To qualify, you may be required to prove that you have been a safe driver for a number of years, meaning there are no insurance claims on your record for a certain period of time.